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2nd Ave West Marketing System
The Second Avenue West real estate development provided a unique geographical opportunity for the upscale urban professional. The project is situated in a somewhat isolated neighborhood from other residential areas and required persuasive marketing materials to communicate the unique nature of the offering. The quality of construction also meant that the units were priced at the top end of the market, which was also uncommon for that area. Core Associates provided the rationale that led to the confirmation of the development’s name, which was also used as the basis for building the story. “The right location” boldly addressed the project’s address as a positive and favorable attribute.

The final marketing materials provided comprehensive information for the prospective buyer and included detailed floor plans of each of the units. A walk-through sales suite was also designed to correspond with the print collateral. As a result of the strong product positioning, the collateral found its intended audience and contributed to the marketing and development objectives being realized.

Project collateral: stationery system, project brochure, presentation folder, floor plan inserts, hoarding, sales suite interiors, advertising
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