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Fincentric Corporation Logo Identity
Fincentric Corporation helps financial institutions adopt customer-centric strategies allowing those institutions to identify, attract, and retain their most profitable customers. In 1999 Core Associates set in place the company’s corporate and product brand systems. Since then Fincentric has experienced continued growth, both in revenues and market awareness.

In 2004 Fincentric reorganized and renamed its lead product suite Wealthview. Core was brought in to develop the brand ID system for the newly formed Wealthview family of products as well as develop the related marketing collateral. The resulting treatment manages to uphold the equity and legacy of the brand, developed a few years back while projecting an updated treatment to reflect the product’s own updating. The hierarchy and interrelatedness of the various main and sub product brand IDs follow a logical and consistent structure through to their corresponding marketing collateral and software iconography.

Project collateral: corporate identity, product identity, stationery system, product website, corporate website, product brochures and literature, corporate brochure, direct mail, trade advertising exhibit displays, packaging, online/offline presentations, signage, standards guide.
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